Brake Pads and Brake Shoes

Brake Pads - Standard

pads shoes Brake pads come in a variety of brands, quality and construction of materials. These variables will affect the performance of your braking, most noticeable when comparing braking capabilities when the brakes are hot or cold and towing of heavy or light loads. Let your Brake Specialist decide which Brake Pads will suit your car and driving style best!

B & R Brakes have in stock Bendix, Lucas, Ferodo, RDA, EBC, Girling and TRW.

The time to fit new brake pads is approximately 1 hour for most common models and makes.

Brake Pads - Performance

Performance brake pads are available to suit your desired braking capabilities. Whether you want street performance pads, a combination of street and track performance pads or track pads only, let B & R Brakes help select the right pad for you!

B & R Brakes have in stock, Ferodo, EBC, Hawk and Bendix ranges. We also have access to other brands, so if we don't have it in stock, let us order it in for you.

The time to fit new brake pads is approximately 1 hour.

Brake Shoes - Rear and front

pads shoes Brake shoes come from varies manufacturers and vary in construction, shape of the backing plate, location of the drill holes and diameter size. Each manufacturer produces one option of material only for their branded brakes shoes. Material will vary between manufacturers; however this in no way affects the operation of the brake shoe. Speak with your brake specialist to determine which brake shoes best suit your vehicle.

B & R Brakes - Castle Hill stock the RDA, Protex, CBA, Bonders and Bendix brands.

The time to fit new brake shoes is 1 - 3 hours depending on the size of your vehicle.

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